Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 How Is “House Of Sass ” different then other sites out there?

House of Sass’s goal from day 1, Has been to help the artists first. We embrace all types of artists, and their passion. If you create with your heart, mind, and soul you are an artist. If you create to inspire, lift, impress a point, or deliver an emotion you are an artist. House of sass gives you the artist a place to build a profile, and share your personality and passion for art. A place where visitors can get a sense of who you are, feel your passion, and as a result want to buy your art not out of charity, but from a genuine connection to your work.

Question #2 What is the imagination behind the House of Sass?

It’s an imaginary hotel that you check into opening your suite (page) to showcase your art. You’re even given a room number as part of your Web address. We wanted to create an extremely affordable space for all artists, and vendors with no transaction fee’s. Ever! Just a small monthly rental to cover our administration, and hosting. We realized a need for an all artist collective that allows all artistic talent. A unique place for unique artists to hang their hat.

Question #3 How affordable is extremely affordable? How do you set yourself apart?

If you think about it. Lets say you wanted to open a small boutique on a street in your local town. You would find a space that fit your imagination, and budget. Then you would go through the rigors, and hoops to open your store. People do this every day in the physical world. But would you sign a lease with that same property manager if he collected rent, and a healthy percentage of your sales each month? No way! That’s what they used to call a shake down, And unfortunately it still happens on the Internet everyday. On the house of sass you can spend an hour set up your store, and never pay a commission or listing fee on sales you earn.

Question #4 What are some of your unique features?

Each House of Sass member has the ability to build a profile, access a calender, showcase videos, and images of your work or service, as well as blog about your art projects. By blogging within the community you can discuss your art while sharing your personality while simultaneously directing the public to your latest work. The end result is bigger then we imagined it would be. The site is still uncovering possibilities now that house of sass is a reality. The blog is really the gold behind the site, a personal connection with fans, with all the social share functions that help you find your audience quickly.

Question #5 How do we join, and what is an art collective?

The more artists the more traffic the more sales. This is why we are giving you 6 month’s totally free to ensure that we have a fledgling community.

Anyone can join, house of sass is totally free for visitors and shoppers. And new sellers can now join for free for 6 months using coupon code: SASS6 Because, we are new we are asking artists and lovers of art, to link to us, share us, and build your stores. This will ensure that we get our categories filled quickly.

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