About House of SASS

It’s all about the “SASS!”

What is SASS? Sass is a lot of things; it’s the piece of optimism that shimmers behind the pupil in our eyes.
it’s the sign of hope that never gets winded! Sass is the “Starving Artist Social Scene“. Beyond this it’s a way for the starving, to feed the artist appetites.

Who is an Artist? On House of sass an Artist is neither defined, nor categorized, and does not possess a detailed job description. An Artist creates with his or her soul, and reaps the benefits,
not with their pocket book, but with their hard earned efforts.

House of Sass has been created for all those individuals to showcase their artistic handcrafted pieces, and or artistic services without charging The House of Sass never takes a percentage of your sales and residents never pay a per item fee for products or services listed. You only pay a very low flat monthly rent for your room. An affordable solution for the starving Artist. People don’t call us “Starving Artists” for a reason. We are defined in such a way, because we starve to feed our passion. It is because of this hunger, that Heather Ferris fed in to her own cravings, and built the House of Sass!

The House of Sass feeds the services, products, and the art of all types of Artistry levels! What kind of artist are you? Whether you custom design fashion, furniture pieces, a baker who creates one of a kind wedding cakes, cupcakes, or cookies, an architect, a graphic designer, a photographer, a writer, an interior designer, a tattoo artist, a vintage designer, a DJ, or even a Magician looking to increase bookings. Or perhaps you are a blogger who writes to deliver delightful insight to the public! Whatever the case, we have a room ready to rent within the walls of The House of Sass!

So, what are you waiting for? You can easily afford the monthly cost of a standard room! Or perhaps, for a couple of additional dollars per month you prefer to upgrade to a Deluxe, or even the enjoy the perks of the overly accommodating Penthouse Suite!

Whatever the case, we have a lifestyle waiting for you, without all the silly additional charges. Let’s face it, as Artists we pay out more than our materials, we give the most priceless gift. Our time!

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